Process Control Products and Services

Don’t guess, know what 100% really is.


StarStream provides the following process control products and services,

  • Loop tuning
  • Control troubleshooting, remote and on-site / offshore support
  • De-bottlenecking and optimisation studies
  • Cascade Injection Control

The unique selling point under-pinning StarStream’s process control products and services is the mathematical ability to understand what 100% really is.

Many process control practitioners use basic Ziegler–Nichols loop tuning methods which only approximate to a small handful of control loops, and can only improve stability and response through trial and error.

StarStream, doesn’t guess.  StarStream engineers take advantage of the theories developed by pioneers such as James Clerk Maxwell and Aleksandr Lyapunov to understand the stability of dynamic systems precisely.

When combined with client technical equipment information, an accurate understanding of process plant stability and optimisation is achieved with no physical intervention. This enables the derivation of solutions that can be quantified and compared to actual adjustments.

Clients can feel fully confident in achieving step-change improvements because limitations can be clearly understood.

StarStream consult on the application of advanced control methodologies like continuous Frequency and Time domain analysis, discrete Z-transform analysis and State-space representation.

Typical opportunities and applications include,

  • Level, flow, pressure and temperature process control loops
  • Slugging disturbance control and blender management
  • Turbine control and gas-compression control (load-sharing and anti-surge)
  • Gas-lift injection control
  • Emissions control