StarStream Ltd – Industrial Process Control Services


StarStream is an upstream oil and gas industrial process control services company.

StarStream’s unique approach reveals limitations and improvements through analysis of equipment data and the application of mathematical techniques. We provide our clients with quantifiable, process control improvements.

When your control loops are poorly tuned, deviating variables impact product quality. Production decreases, production costs are incurred, excessive operator attention is required and business, environmental, and safety risks are pronounced.

Within functional safety, basic process control loops are often the first line of hazard prevention.  They mitigate against process disturbances causing demands on safety instrumented functions.

A lot of time and expense can be exhausted proving SIF reliability, whilst the control loop is set with default or ill-founded tuning constants.  Disturbances of a modest magnitude on an otherwise perfectly setup control loop, may be enough to demand the SIF to operate much more often than anticipated within reliability calculations.

Using client equipment information offline, StarStream can not only provide ideal tuning constants, but also mathematically prove that control loops are setup to adequately control the anticipated disturbances.

“Inadequate tuning” contributions to BPCS failure probability is therefore minimised for reasonably foreseeable conditions.  Trip and alarm rates are significantly reduced.